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This gift of nature gives your skin the protection it needs – healthy complexion and hydrated skin without the hassle

Summer is here and for many of us that means vacation time, chilling on the beach, and long, hot days. When the blazing summer sun touches your skin for the first time, you start to dream of carefree moments. You dream of icy cocktails and a beautiful complexion that you get simply from sitting on the beach or swimming in the water. But not so fast!

The sun can have some negative effects on your skin and health, above all when you don't take care of your skin when cooling off in the water. Sunburn can be really dangerous and is the biggest problem during the summertime if you love to spend the long summer days on the hot beach. That can make the sun an enemy, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin.

Symptoms include:

  • Pain
  • Reddened skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Increased body temperature

Those are only a few of the problems you can encounter. In the worst case, sunburn can lead to skin cancer and other painful illnesses. Does that mean that you have to give up sunbathing and hide somewhere far away from the sun? Not at all!

All of these problems can be avoided and you can enjoy the vacation you dream of if you just take care of your skin with the right product. But which one is the right one?

A short walk through the cosmetic aisle reveals tons of creams, oils, and sprays. All of them promise the best sun protection of all time. But especially with dry and sensitive skin you have to be very cautious and make the right decision.

With Zeolite MED® sunscreen SPF25 you save yourself the long search and are soon on the safe side.

This natural sun protection product is all you need for a healthy, chocolate brown, yet at the same time hydrated, skin.

With Zeolite MED® sunscreen SPF25 you get:

  • A high sun protection factor (SPF25)
  • Deep skin hydration thanks to the pure coconut oil found in the cream
  • Protection from free radicals through the natural antioxidant Vitamin E
  • Protection from harmful toxins through the mineral zeolite. Zeolite is known for its absorption capacity
  • Protection from harmful rays through a natural-mineral light protection filter that is safe for humans, animals, and the environment instead of the usual synthetic-chemical light protection filter

When you apply Zeolite MED® sunscreen SPF25, you not only do something good for your skin and your complexion but also for the environment. This product is 100% natural and safe for the human body as well as for the environment.

Order Zeolite MED® sunscreen SPF25 for a worry-free summer for you and your loved ones!